SSB Centres Indian Army- In the first place a candidate who wants to join the army as a commissioned officer has to go through Service Selection Board (SSB). Usually, after getting recommended and making the cut on the merit list, a candidate can join the training academy depending on the entry. However, there are four SSB boards at different geographical locations. The information and the contact details of these centres are given below.

  • Selection Centre East, Allahabad

It was raised in 1957 with a view to recommending suitable candidates. This selection centre has five SSB boards namely 11 SSB, 14 SSB, 18 SSB, 19 SSB and 34 SSB. Contact details : Telephone number – 0532-2424816 Fax number – 0532-2424815 Email id –

  • Selection Centre Central, Bhopal

It was established in 1975 by relocation 20 SSB and 33 SSB which was earlier located at Jabalpur. This selection centre has three SSB boards namely 20 SSB, 21 SSB and 22 SSB. Contact details : Telephone number – 0755-2735980 Email id – SSB Centres Indian Army

  • Selection Centre South, Bangalore

Situated in old British accommodation it was established in 1949. This selection centre has two SSB boards namely 17 SSB and 24 SSB. Contact details : Telephone number – 9480948061, 9916322971 Fax number – 080-255327671 Email id –

  • Selection Centre North, Kapurthala

It was raised in 2015 and became operational in April 2016. This selection centre has two SSB boards namely 31 SSB and 32 SSB. Contact details : Telephone number – 01822-230127 Fax number – 01822-230127 Email id – Moreover, candidates can use the above mentioned means to communicate with the respective boards in case of any queries. In addition, it would be helpful in case of emergencies when a candidate really needs help from the selection board. At the same time instead of panicking, the best thing one could do is to make use of these helplines.