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Kali Purchased OIR SSB ebook (PDF) download Feb. 25, 2021

Situation Reaction Test - SRT ebook [Part -1]



    Download SRT ebook (PDF instantly)


    • Step by step guide to situation Reaction Test
    • Psychologist perception on a candidates response
    • Mistakes commonly committed by aspirants
    • 20+ universal situations with detailed analysis
    • Detailed OLQ discussed on every response
    • Original SSB practice sets with situations most likey to come in your attempt
    • 180+ SRT
    • Tips to excel in SRT

    In General SRT e-Book will help you to have an overall idea on "what psychologist expects from you" and how to excel in this test. This ebook will act as an ultimate guide which will help you to get recommended . To emphasize one practicing this e-book will definitely get an edge over others. Moreover, a candidate recommended by psychologist has a greater tendency of being selected.

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    Amazing must have info for SRT

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