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Kali Purchased OIR SSB ebook (PDF) download Feb. 25, 2021

Bleed NDA eBook (PDF) download





    • English Grammar Logics on spotting error, fill ups, sentence improvement
    • Approach to ordering of sentence & jumble words
    • List of Most Important Antonym Synonym
    • Solved Practice set


    • Total coverage of Both Indian and world Geography
    • Total coverage of ancient & medieval History including Independence era
    • Absolute description of Politics, civics
    • Every important information on Indian Defence which is likely to be asked in exams
    • Practical science including general science. Extremely helpful for Non-science background


    • it includes introduction to all the chapters of NDA Mathematics prescribed by UPSC
    • Important formulae of every topic and sub-topic
    • Important solved basic practice Questions to clear fundamentals
    • Most important advanced Practice Questions
    • Summary notes and key points to every chapter
    • Short cut tricks

    In general BLEED NDA is one stop solution for NDA. Most of all BLEED NDA will help you crack NDA with ease. Furthermore e-Book helps you to access study material anytime anywhere. Lastly one can also go for BLEED NDA Book if he wishes to

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