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Aarti Purchased SSB OIR e-Book (PDF) 2nd edition Jan. 19, 2021

600+ Important GK MCQs (PDF)



    Download 600+ IMPORTANT GK MCQ eBook (PDF) instantly


    • important MCQs from all areas such as geo, history, politics, science, environment, culture, economics and more
    • compilation of Most important questions that have appeared repeatedly
    • Extremely beneficial for CDS/NDA
    • Along with the answer keys.

    In general, this is going to enhance your GK Portion. The e-book has coverage of 600+ Important MCQs from all the relevant areas. The multiple choice questions are taken from different fields and due care has been taken on the answer key with multiple revisions.

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    First I would like to say thank you because of this link I learn more how to crack exams.And got more knowledge.

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