Women no longer restricted to Short service commission.

PM Modi in his address to the nation today announced that women officers in armed forces will get PC.

This will help women officers get the same opportunities as their male counterparts. As of now women officers can serve up to 10-14 years with a short service commission.

Women officers are currently serving in Army Service Corps, Ordnance, Education Corps, Judge Advocate General, Engineers, Signals, Intelligence and Electrical and Mechanical Engineering branches. Therefore, infantry, armoured and other combat roles are only open to male serving officers.

permanent commission women

Even in the coming future, combat roles in army are less likely to open up for female officers. However, The Indian Air Force and the Indian Navy have already granted permanent commission to women officers and both have opened up some combat roles for women.

Women in IAF are already flying choppers, aircraft and fighter jets too.

Does this mean that women will be trained in IMA/NDA now ? The answer is a Big No.

IMA & NDA are for the male GC’s and will continue to train male cadets only. There won’t be separate entries opening up, nor will the existing entries such as NDA, TES make their ways.

Lastly, it is great to see that women will be in parity with men having a permanent commission.

After serving for 10 years as short service commissioned officer, women will have 3 options. Either elect for a Permanent Commission or opt out or have the option of 4 years extension. Finally Officers can resign at any time during this period of 4 years extension.




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Kumarpalsingh deora · August 21, 2018 at 2:27 PM

I want to know that I want to join TA army so how I can join and what is in written exam and how I get TA book

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