Crack CDS exams in a Go

Combined  defence service exam brings an opportunity for the male and female aspirant to join the tri-services as commissioned officers. Over 2-3 lakhs aspirants appear for the exam while only 8000-9000 are able to crack it. The  CDSE consists of 3 papers

S. No.PaperQuestionsMarksTime
1ENGLISH1201009 am-11 am(2 hours)
2GENERAL ABILITY12010012 am-2 pm(2 hours)
3MATHEMATICS1001003 pm-5 pm  (2 hours)

Today, we will go through step by step planning to become familiar with the structure of exam and get to know the secrets of clearing the exam with ease.

Let’s Get started with Paper 1 which is General English. This is a scoring Paper and one should try his best to extract maximum marks out of it.

Here is a look at the blueprint of English Paper

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The only way of Scoring maximum in English is by following the Guidelines of FREE Ultimate English e-Book and consistent practicing.

Key is to have a book which not only provides practice questions and solutions but also provides Study material for the concerned section. In short, you need to be aware of Grammar logics before solving spotting errors and sentence improvement. Further, you need to be familiar with phrases, idioms before you start practicing them. You need to have a good knowledge of all the kinds before you start penning down the solutions.

You should have a target of attempting at least 110. Only then you can manage the aggregate required for paper 2. In short, you must score at least 70+ marks in English.

Now comes, Paper 2 which is General Knowledge.

This paper is extremely tough and it’s toughness is somewhat equivalent to the toughest UPSC exams. You “CANNOT” expect answering a single question confidently with a casual preparation for GK. Going through previous year papers won’t help you whatsoever. Hardly any question is repeated from previous year papers and therefore it is not of much help. This does not even mean that you should avoid them. They are definitely beneficial in understanding the structure, it’s just that you cannot expect a repeated question in CDSE GK.

There are many aspirants who in zeal of covering everything gets a book of 800-900 pages with fonts so small that it becomes a nuisance. They need to understand that humans cannot store everything in conscious mind, these books act as mini Wikipedia covering a lots of data ignoring the fact that whether or not they are RELEVANT for exam.

Students later realize that it’s not only difficult preparing from these books but also time consuming.

Even those who cover everything from these books later realize that they can hardly answer anything on the day of exam.

The sectional cut off for this paper is 20 Marks, In short you need to answer only 28 questions correctly out of 120 and you will make it. But to everyone’s surprise Only a small number manages to score 20+ Mark

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Let’s take any instance such as History.

While learning about Indus valley civilization, knowing about date of excavation, People involved in excavation, time taken to excavate is just farce. You  are going to become OFFICERS in INDIAN ARMED FORCES who will be LEADING YOUR MEN, not historians debating with bunch of other historians. Your sole motive should be know enough of relevant history to clear your exam

Your objective should be to Know

  • WHICH sites were excavated and what were they famous for
  • WHAT were the findings in these civilisation
  • WHAT metal did they used
  • WHICH animal were familiar to these people
  • WHAT was the religion of people

Have a glance at these notes

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BINGO ! you have learnt every relevant thing in context to indus valley civilisation.


Point to point approach is followed everywhere including Politics,Geography, Defence, Economics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and practical science.

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This way you actually have clearity on what you have covered. These notes also act as Quick revision weeks before your exam. Find all this in COMBINED CDS OTA BOOK

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This book is an output of lots of research, experience, time and cost. Further the font is readable with attractive presentation. Special emphasis is laid on the quality of pages. It proved beneficial when considerable questions were from the content of this book in 2 consecutive CDSE

cds 2 current affairs

Apart from Static G.K you need to go through current affairs. Attention should be laid to Current affairs from the month of January to August for CDS 2 exams as the paper is prepared in September and Finalized in the last week of October.

If you are preparing from other sources, it’s well and good. But you must scan through the CDS 2 Current Affairs by DDE.

Lastly, comes Paper 3 Mathematics

Again, Math is neither easy nor tough but is surely a lengthy paper. One must attempt at least 65+ questions in math. Success Mantra is that “You can either solve it or you cannot, there is no guesswork in math”

Here is the blue print of mathematics and weight-age is always in this range.

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Practice more and more to get the speed and rhythm. Get a Book that is solely devoted to CDS Math.

It is not much to spend when you are doing it for your career. Invest little more but get a content that makes you confident and successful. Believe in SMART WORK not HARD WORK.

Days will pass by, You will appear for your exam, You will wait for the result, Passing or Failing THEN depends on what you do NOW.

Good Luck !

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RInkesh Pingale · August 30, 2018 at 11:24 AM

This is why I trust DDE.

Alarsh kanwar · August 30, 2018 at 4:03 PM

i wanna join forces really

anupama · August 31, 2018 at 5:06 PM

it will be beneficial or enough for me to study only from the cds ota book?for tha coming exam?kindly tell me

    DDE · August 31, 2018 at 6:55 PM

    Indeed. Additionally, get CDS 2 current affairs e-Book from the ebook section.

Amrendra · September 1, 2018 at 3:03 PM

I want to join ur clan sir. im a hardcore defense aspirant and want to join forces as soon as possible

Narayan Londhe · September 3, 2018 at 1:41 PM

best article for preperation of cds..

Rohit Kumar · October 4, 2018 at 2:06 PM

Will NCERT be beneficial for preparation of GS??

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